Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Letter to the World

Dear fellows,

I am writing to you today to let you know what is really happening in Egypt. The demonstrations that sparked on Jan 25 have been organized by the country's youth, calling for their right to lead a life they deserve. The government, including the president, is denying that, claiming that it's a movement of some anti-government people, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. But I tell you the truth, this is not a movement of some opposing party; it's a movement of the whole society, and here is why...

Hosni Mubarak (83 years) has been the president of Egypt since 1981. Try to imagine how it would be like if you were in our situation. Mubarak was there years before me and all of my friends were born. He has been there during my primary, secondary and college education. He was there when I was married, and he is still there after my son was born! Not only has Mubarak been "as eternal as life" to me, but also his entourage. Fathy Sorour (79 years) was a minister since 1986, and has been the parliament leader since 1990, for 21 successive years. And Safwat El-Sherif has been there since the 1980s. These, and many others, have been in charge of our country since before we were born, and are still there.

The conditions in the whole country are and have been deteriorating for most people. Education, media, economy, etc. Everything is going in the wrong direction, and has been going that way ever since we were born. The government is doing "reforms", just to make it easier for monopolists to get richer, regardless of how the rest of Egyptians are doing. And in the same time, they have the "emergency law" operating since 1981, allowing the state security to hold anyone they want in captivity, even without a trial. They are forging our votes, yet denying us any form of speaking our true voices. They are corrupt to their bones, forging even student union elections in the university! Leaders everywhere are current or ex-major generals: governors, university heads, even factory managers. Not to mention corruption at all levels of the society. Unemployement levels are too high, especially among the youths. Poverty is so spread, with more than half the nation under the poverty line. And more, and more, too many things to mention here.

BUT IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE! We have always been afraid of the police and state security. We know they detain us without trials. We know they torture and murder us without being questioned. BUT NO MORE! We waited, and waited, and waited, for 30 years we waited for correction, but in vain. The last parliament elections were forged at an unprecedented level, preparing to give Mubarak another reign for 6 more years, or until he dies, whichever is earlier. We tried to follow all possible peaceful means, but even signing a freedom statement was banished and the signers were pursued. We have been left with no other choice. IT'S OUR RIGHT TO LIVE, and to have a BETTER LIFE FOR OUR CHILDREN.

Let no one fool you, this is not an opposition party or some Islamists moving the people. It's the whole society moving, and mainly us, the youths. We are demonstrating peacefully, but the government is hiring thugs and bandits to infiltrate the protesters and cause damages, so that they can say it's our fault. They are fighting us ruthlessly, censoring our voices on the Internet and in the media, firing live and rubber bullets, bombing us with tear gas, detaining hundreds of protesters, and wounding and killing others. It's a true fight out there, but mostly a one-sided fight. We know that these policemen are our brothers, and are just "following orders", so we're avoiding, as much as possible, harming them in any way.

Dear fellow Americans,

Your government is providing the largest support to our 30-year president. They are supporting the state security with weapons and tear gas canisters. They are giving our country $1.6B yearly funds that mainly go to this corrupt government in various forms of bribes. Your "democratic" country is supporting our government because they are afraid of the Islamists. But I am telling you, fear not. Your view of the Islamists is untrue and has been corrupted, but that's a story for another day. At least give us your support, in that it's our right to choose our leaders. Support us, and tell your senators and congressmen to stop supporting our government. Support us, and tell the world that our freedom is more important than our bread. Support us, and help us get rid of a 30 years old government. Just imagine how you'd feel if your grandchildren witnessed the same ruler!

Dear fellow Europeans,

Your leaders are so concrened about the situation in Egypt. They know that Mubarak was corrupt, and that's why they are afraid. They know how much opression is happening around us, and they want us to stay that way. Your leaders have put their eyes on Egypt ever since the Roman empire, until the last British occupation to Egypt. But it's our right to lead our country, and to teach our children that their freedom is so precious. It's our right to choose our leaders and our government. And it's your humanitarian duty to support us. Tell your leaders that you support us. Go to Egyptian embassies and demonstrate your support. Tell your fellows about our cause, and let everybody know that we're just trying to get our rights that have been opressed for... as long as we have lived!

Dear world,

This is a moment of testing what you are really made of. It's a moment of truth with one's self. Is your conscience still alive, or do you still value your interests more than humanity? Will you prove your dignity, and help us reclaim our liberty, or will you stand aside and just watch us as tanks run over us? It's your call, but remember, it's something you'll live with for the rest of your life, and you might have to face your children one day.

Looking forward to hearing you...

An Egyptian Youth

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