Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Letter to the World

Dear fellows,

I am writing to you today to let you know what is really happening in Egypt. The demonstrations that sparked on Jan 25 have been organized by the country's youth, calling for their right to lead a life they deserve. The government, including the president, is denying that, claiming that it's a movement of some anti-government people, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. But I tell you the truth, this is not a movement of some opposing party; it's a movement of the whole society, and here is why...

Hosni Mubarak (83 years) has been the president of Egypt since 1981. Try to imagine how it would be like if you were in our situation. Mubarak was there years before me and all of my friends were born. He has been there during my primary, secondary and college education. He was there when I was married, and he is still there after my son was born! Not only has Mubarak been "as eternal as life" to me, but also his entourage. Fathy Sorour (79 years) was a minister since 1986, and has been the parliament leader since 1990, for 21 successive years. And Safwat El-Sherif has been there since the 1980s. These, and many others, have been in charge of our country since before we were born, and are still there.

The conditions in the whole country are and have been deteriorating for most people. Education, media, economy, etc. Everything is going in the wrong direction, and has been going that way ever since we were born. The government is doing "reforms", just to make it easier for monopolists to get richer, regardless of how the rest of Egyptians are doing. And in the same time, they have the "emergency law" operating since 1981, allowing the state security to hold anyone they want in captivity, even without a trial. They are forging our votes, yet denying us any form of speaking our true voices. They are corrupt to their bones, forging even student union elections in the university! Leaders everywhere are current or ex-major generals: governors, university heads, even factory managers. Not to mention corruption at all levels of the society. Unemployement levels are too high, especially among the youths. Poverty is so spread, with more than half the nation under the poverty line. And more, and more, too many things to mention here.

BUT IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE! We have always been afraid of the police and state security. We know they detain us without trials. We know they torture and murder us without being questioned. BUT NO MORE! We waited, and waited, and waited, for 30 years we waited for correction, but in vain. The last parliament elections were forged at an unprecedented level, preparing to give Mubarak another reign for 6 more years, or until he dies, whichever is earlier. We tried to follow all possible peaceful means, but even signing a freedom statement was banished and the signers were pursued. We have been left with no other choice. IT'S OUR RIGHT TO LIVE, and to have a BETTER LIFE FOR OUR CHILDREN.

Let no one fool you, this is not an opposition party or some Islamists moving the people. It's the whole society moving, and mainly us, the youths. We are demonstrating peacefully, but the government is hiring thugs and bandits to infiltrate the protesters and cause damages, so that they can say it's our fault. They are fighting us ruthlessly, censoring our voices on the Internet and in the media, firing live and rubber bullets, bombing us with tear gas, detaining hundreds of protesters, and wounding and killing others. It's a true fight out there, but mostly a one-sided fight. We know that these policemen are our brothers, and are just "following orders", so we're avoiding, as much as possible, harming them in any way.

Dear fellow Americans,

Your government is providing the largest support to our 30-year president. They are supporting the state security with weapons and tear gas canisters. They are giving our country $1.6B yearly funds that mainly go to this corrupt government in various forms of bribes. Your "democratic" country is supporting our government because they are afraid of the Islamists. But I am telling you, fear not. Your view of the Islamists is untrue and has been corrupted, but that's a story for another day. At least give us your support, in that it's our right to choose our leaders. Support us, and tell your senators and congressmen to stop supporting our government. Support us, and tell the world that our freedom is more important than our bread. Support us, and help us get rid of a 30 years old government. Just imagine how you'd feel if your grandchildren witnessed the same ruler!

Dear fellow Europeans,

Your leaders are so concrened about the situation in Egypt. They know that Mubarak was corrupt, and that's why they are afraid. They know how much opression is happening around us, and they want us to stay that way. Your leaders have put their eyes on Egypt ever since the Roman empire, until the last British occupation to Egypt. But it's our right to lead our country, and to teach our children that their freedom is so precious. It's our right to choose our leaders and our government. And it's your humanitarian duty to support us. Tell your leaders that you support us. Go to Egyptian embassies and demonstrate your support. Tell your fellows about our cause, and let everybody know that we're just trying to get our rights that have been opressed for... as long as we have lived!

Dear world,

This is a moment of testing what you are really made of. It's a moment of truth with one's self. Is your conscience still alive, or do you still value your interests more than humanity? Will you prove your dignity, and help us reclaim our liberty, or will you stand aside and just watch us as tanks run over us? It's your call, but remember, it's something you'll live with for the rest of your life, and you might have to face your children one day.

Looking forward to hearing you...

An Egyptian Youth

Watch one of the best videos about us here.


  1. God Bless you who ever you are who wrote this, as one of the Egyptian people I and all of us are with you.

  2. Power to the People. Europe, Germany, hears you! Unite People, Unite to bring the Power back to you. All Arabs that read this should know that only the People can free themselves! Go Go Go! I hope and pray that this revolution will spread all over the Arab World, to countries like Yemen and Syria and Jordan and beyond! This is the Time. The greatest chance in a long time. Purely from the People for the People! Long live Freedom, Justice and the Egyptian People that are so brave. Germany loves you! Be strong!

  3. Thank you Martin. Your words are so encouraging. Please help us spread the word. Let your friends know what is really happening.

  4. Today we are different we will stand out we will say NO till we are heard, till we take back all the rights we once waved being that peaceful, kind hearted people that we are.

    I do not want you as my president Mubarak, me and millions of Egyptians, I want you out of my beloved country, We will take back whats rightfully ours - the chance to live with dignity and make a ourselves a better future for our children.

    Yesterday was Tunisia, today its Egypt, tomorrow will come for the rest of the Arab countries, NO more suppression, NO more fear.

    Call it what you may but this revolution, this revolt, this wakening will go on as long as it may till all our demands are fulfilled.

    May God be with us.

  5. Here in Germany ppl are getting ready. I have a lot o egyptian friends and I am absolutley with all of u. never lose faith and never be tired to fight 4 ur rights. We are faceboking to make appointments to go to embassies ans consulates. I hope we can demonstrate in peace for freedom!

  6. I agree with Martin - POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!....Australia is with you too Egypt...We stand by your side and support you all the way to the freedom you so deserve. Everyone should be supporting you because WE ARE ALL ONE....and if we are not supporting you then we are not supporting ourselves.....soon enough that collective consciousness will grow more and more with every passionate step taken by Egyptians and many others around the world. It's time NOW for waking up and walking together, unite as 'ONE'.....for it is this that makes great changes. I'm proud of you Egypt, go for it!!, NO FEAR because fear is only an illusion of the mind....break free from that illusion if you have not already and be your highest potential.
    Love and blessings to you all.

  7. As an American who studies our revolution and founding Independence, I can only imagine life as you described it over there. I have long been against America’s government sending money to other governments. I have not seen many instances where the people were actually helped by this so called generosity of spreading the freedom. The real Power is the People; in order to exercise this power you need steadfast, educated and God loving leaders born from the people. And real help from advocates of Liberty. I’ll call my Senators and Representative and ask them to stop supporting Tyranny and I’ll pray for all those who seek their Natural rights, and among them being life, liberty and Property, and for those who stand vanguard to freedom.

    To my fellow Americans that read this inspiring letter to the world, here is a quick link to contacting your Congress.

  8. We are spreading the word big time! There is a way and everyone participating is on the right path! Go Go Go! I bow my head to the Egyptian People!

  9. Dear Egyptian Youth: Your post has touched me deeply, even as I have been watching with renewed hope, from the U.S., what has been going on. You rightly recognize the deliberate misrepresentation by our government of issues and groups in Egypt over the years. Eleven years ago my youngest daughter helped monitor elections and witnessed those "thugs and bandits" hired by the Mubarak administration intimidate voters. One of her professors was held indefinitely without a trial for having spoken truth to power. Trust me, the word is out in American. It just has spread slowly because of our own government's complicity. There will be more movement toward support for you, and it will come from younger Americans most of all, but there are those of us who have lived a while also, and whose eyes have been opened. Stand strong. We are with you.

  10. Thank you my friends , Tomorrow will be a big day, and I guess a lot of killed protesters by police...whatever they say do not believe them...if they just began to understand us today, then where were they in the past 30 years? Go Egypt Go for your freedom....

  11. If anybody can translate this article to another language, I'd be more than happy to publish the translation. Thanks in advance!

  12. Thanks everybody for your touching, passionate and encouraging words! We really appreciate your support. Keep it coming!

  13. Your fight to become free is not only an issue for the Egyptian people, but for people throughout the world. It ook a terrible war to free the slaves in America, but all people, black and white gained from the rights they gained. On behalf of the American people and oppressed people everywhere I pray that you can defeat the forces of tyrrany and free your people. All of the world is watching. When you drive out the dicatator the people in other countries will see your success and be inspired to follow your example. The time is now, the prize is liberty and the right to control your own lives; to be free of fear and to provide a better life for yourselves and generations to come.

  14. I am trying to spread the link on the le monde newspaper web site but I cant, I need some help spreading to germany, france, italy (specially italy supports mubarak)...if anyone can help, we will be more than grateful!

  15. Thanx for u all
    we here in Egypt insist on our simple neeeds, liberty, dignity& living well
    I am one of the protests who is hit by all the power of the criminals, ther hit me until i confused, I don't know if I am alive or dead but tomorrow I will share again with my broken body till it will ba a dead body

  16. Egypt will never be a Kingdom for Mubark family
    Egypt will never die
    Hope i was there with my people on the street supporting them to get the freedom for my mother land Egypt
    I love u Egypt

  17. ... Go مصر Go!

  18. Reports say that all communication media might be cut on Friday, including phones, SMS, and possibly the whole Internet. If this happens, you will be our only voice to the free world. Please spread the word, and let everybody know what we're up against!

  19. I am very proud of my fellow Egyptians. We have suffered enough for 30 years, patiently waiting for this window of hope. Hope for justice, peace and safety. Stay strong, freedom is just round the corner.

  20. Please help us override censorship by installing Tor ( and enabling the relay option in the network tab of the settings window.

  21. From japanes old male

    1 hour ago I found this blog through twitter.
    I have write about your blog with screenshot of this page on two japanese lolal SNSs

    In japan, at now just two-person have the concern with Egypt's case.
    I hope that more people will have Egypt's cae.

    If you have some concern(ex language problem),please contact to me.

    you can contact me(@CB1300SF_oyadi) on twitter.
    if twitter is blocked,you can contact to

    Take care.
    Don't lose faith.

  22. Dear Egyptian youth from your Israeli friend,

    Our hurt is going out to your struggle, we have no illusions about the oppressive nature of the current regime and you have every right to take back what is yours to begin with.
    We are very concerned with the current events and the uncertainty it brings; We do not want to see the Islamist robbing your success in this fight.

  23. As Somali it pains me to see what you are going through we miss you Masr (Egypt), we have lost you since this loughing cow took power. Your freedom is our freedom, your strength is our strength. I can understand what you are going through, we have been where you are today, but unfortunately when we needed you the most this monster was ruling you, and it gave our enemies the strength to destroy us because we were alone. I'll pray for your success cause it gives us the hope that we too will succeed and once again our nations will became the family we were once, stand together as we stood together...

  24. Omar, a young fellow Egyptian..January 28, 2011 at 1:07 AM

    Dear Fellow Brothers of Egypt..
    I am an egyptian young man writing you from the UK to let you know that you have succeeded to make the world see us for who we really are. The strong willed HUMANS whom our prophet called "Khair agnad el ard = The best soldiers on earth" and by soldiers he didnt mean fighting soldiers, he meant people who are strong and able to stand for their natural rights, People who will not accept dictatorship or corruptness, people who will not stand passive in the face of evil. For a moment there, i thought egyptians had become passive, and were just gonna accept the ways things are... He (Mubarak) has turned the country into a large prison where no one has rights, were people are struggeling just to survive. We always said that no one dies of hunger, unfortunately, it is no longer the case in Egypt anymore. Mubarak has succeeded to make people suffer just to survive and have no power to think of what's happening arround them. Well Spoken and well written "Egyptian youth" The day has come where Egyptians will say NO, STOP and ENOUGH.. We are humans, we have rights and we will get them back. Egypt has always been a land of freedom and prosperity since the very early days of mankind, it's time to reclaim Egypt and turn it back to the land of peace, prosperity, and FREEDOM... Turn it back to a country where we all live together happilly regardless of our race, religion, or ethnic background, a country where everyone is allowed to speak there own words, a country where people are allowed to actually LIVE a better life and are offered the rights they deserve.
    May god be with us..

  25. To Egyptian youth from a Mauritian friend
    I pray that this time the people of Egypt will be successful in removing Mubarack from power.Do not lose hope.God bless

  26. All my support and best wishes to you my egyptian brothers and sisters! May the end of this tyrany be swift and soon! Best of luck in your struggle, that will be worthwhile!

    a friend from France

  27. May God keep you and strengthen you. Your cause is JUST!!! The Egyptian People will triumph in the end. Keep the Faith!


  29. It is time to free the thousands incarcerated by the police since the 25th.
    we need to show them that we will not be silenced and those who dare speak are not alone.

    Freedom to everyone!!!

  30. all support to all my brothers in Egypt
    freedom at your fingertips now
    go, and don't be scared
    they r the one scared now

    from Jordan, my heart with u

  31. My wholehearted support to the egyptians who fight for true freedom today. I am so glad to have read this blog. It was brought to my attention through links on facebook. I am going to contact the international pressure group, Avaaz to try and convince them to take up your cause. You have support!!! Stay strong.

  32. The youth in the U.S. is with you. Never give up fighting for justice and freedom.

  33. this is the most beautiful thing I heard about the situation Egypt , I wish all the best to the people of egypt and all of us needs life to live in and Egyptian will have it soon

  34. Be encouraged. People are seeing, hearing and believing in your struggle. Keep your head up and your heart right. I pray the highest and the best for you!

  35. power to the people. you have been heard, and word is spreading. we will ALL keep supporting freedom & justice for the people of egypt, and for people the world over! hold on tight to your dreams

    many blessings,
    friend in the US

  36. We are watching all coverage we can of your people's fight in America. We hear you. We believe in your revolution. You have the full support of our citizens. Keep up the fight!

  37. YES!!! The youth is and will always be the thriving force to change...and to change this very old government that is older than most of us youth. As an American, (and undocumented student) I am with you!!!
    #FWYH #Powertothepeople

  38. stay strong and demand your future.

    you are not only making changes in your corner of the world but everywhere else as well. your uprising has already inspired others to do the same. you are also helping to break the commonly accepted stereotypes that others have.

    i am so proud of you and wish i could stand beside you in the streets!

  39. Here is a Japanese translation of your message.
    Your message encouraged Japanese people who are also struggling with Japanese government controlled by USA.

  40. Japanese translation

  41. I've got to know your article through a group e-mail in Japanese.
    I will also spread the word.
    Japan is with you, too!

  42. I am an American and I am writing a letter to congress. I support you! I have been following your protest and seeing the images of protesters hugging police officers brought tears to my eyes. The Egyptian people have something beautiful that the whole world should learn from.

  43. i will not identify myself by a legal classification of "nationality" since it doesn't enter into it. i have basic needs just like every other human, the needs you have put into words so nicely in your blog. however, under the present economic system i am being denied those needs on daily basis, just like you, even though i live in a "first world country". again, as in your case, every possible means of expressing this discontent withing the existing system has proven to be but a dead-end. therefore, i sympathize with you to a greater degree then one would think possible. as others have said, the battle you have started is by no means limited to egypt alone. it is the struggle of us all! life, food, housing, utilities, education, living wage jobs, these are the fundamental rights we all must rise to defend and claim. even if it means that single individuals can no longer be allowed to continue being multi billioners!

  44. Hi There, We are 'Translators United for Pease (TUP)', an Japanese voluntary group. We translate your blog and distribute to our readers, and up to our website. here
    since we up this, already about 90,000 hit this page. Don't forget, WE ARE HERE, BE WITH YOU!!

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  47. best of luck for all the protesters on Tahrir square , from france

  48. I am a Korean.

    As you know, We experienced violence Democratization process in 18th/May/1980. And Finally, people won. Of course, many people died or injured. However almost Koreans never give up. So we won. Egyptian must do it like Korean resistance in order to win of Egyptian democracy. Good luck! & Never give up! I will observe your democratic resistance. And I wish the win of Egypt people! 힘내라!(Cheer Up!)

  49. I got to read this in Korean and I'm spreading it so that more people can hear your voice. I give all of my sincere support to you guys in Egypt. God bless you and please be safe!!!

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  51. Go !
    Go !!
    Go !!!

    till take what your peoples want.

    Peoples is the most strong power !!!!!

  52. All support to the Egyptian Revolution! You're, like the Tunisians and others, are making History.

  53. Hi, I'm Singaporean and I just want you to know that yours is a global fight for freedom that we're all supporting and watching best as we can. Don't lose hope. Don't give up. The rest of the world is behind you.

  54. My deepest thoughts of peace and freedom go out to you! This is the time for change and although change never comes without a shake, it is a worthy cause. Freedom and equality are just a natural state of existence and we all deserve a happy, fulfilled life! I applaud you for being so brave, this will turn out all right, you´ll see!!! All the best from Mexico!

  55. I wish that the Egyptian protest will inspire other oppressed people to rise up. It is a new era... An era of total freedom and libery. Hang on tight Egypt.

  56. This is a great letter!
    To all Germans: use to send this letter do your direct representatives and ask them what they think. The more they are asked, the more they have to think about it and in general, a lot of the representatives answer to the questions.
    Nevertheless, it's hard to rule a country with 80 million citizen, satisfying everyone is almost impossible. To get some satisfaction, it's important that you keep talking to your government, they must hear and feel what you want. Otherwise, they do what they want, believe me.
    By the way, i'm really impressed of how peaceful you are, this is amazing. It makes me feel good to see this.
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” by Mahatma Gandhi, it's true. Good luck.

  57. now is revolution love the future human survival
    congratulation for the egyptian people, my regards for all us, in amercan latin seeing you revolution in peace is the other world time,is possible


  59. Egyptian Youth - you have actually changed the world in a way nobody else could. You've inspired the oppressed everywhere to rise up. I have written to the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs and demanded he stand up, even if alone, and take concrete action to stop the slaughter by the Egyptian Govt as I cannot bear to see these truly magnificent people being cut down. How can anyone with power in their hands stand by and do nothing? The wellbeing of peoples FAR outweighs the importance of any policy and only a mongrel govt acts otherwise. The economic benefits of keeping oil flowing do not justify harming even one person. "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton, 1887.

  60. I am Italian and can understand you very very well. I am with you and talking about Egypt to friends and relatives. You are not alone, please don't feel alone.

  61. Here'a poem I wrote in your guys honor:

    Egypt: Now I Hear Your Heartbeat
    Now I hear your heartbeat
    The song of the freedom
    Bleeding on the streets
    Rumbling in the drumbeat

    Now I feel your despair
    The crushing in the shadows
    Brilliant sunlight streaming
    Breaking through the hatred

    Now I hear your anger
    Throbbing in the darkness
    Retreat is not an option
    Till we see you stand tall

    This is what we long for
    To see you in your glory
    Smashing through the girders
    Fiery with the Peace

    Now I hear the freedom
    Screamin like a siren
    Bursting through the chains
    Rising from the Rooftops

    Now I hear your pride
    Running down the Nile
    Spreading through the desert
    Binding you as One

    Now I hear your heartbeat
    The song of the freedom
    Shivering me with triumph
    Breaking out in laughter

    Now I hear the freedom
    Pouring out the Peace
    Spilling thro your borders
    Blazing through the land

    Dedicated to the Egyptian Warriors of Peace & Freedom

    Cross posted from:

  62. Hi dear friend. I am bulgarian. As you know, comunist's regimes was not very different than what you writing about..., so we understand very clearly your words. Unfortunately, your way is so long. That what we, bulgarians, learned from our own revolution. But as one japanese man of wisdom said a centuries before, every long way begins with a small first step. You did it, and that's great! Be insistent, and remember, that you must fight for your rights every single day. There is aways threats for freedoms and democracy out there, be strong and insist your values!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Yes, definitely: power to the people. It's about time someone voiced out (and I don't only mean literally) about what has been happening. And it's not only in Egypt. Several so-called "democratic" countries are facing the same problems, and yet all the issues are currently overshadowed, only the people who are properly educated and understand what the government is doing is aware of the corruption. I will not mention the names of the countries I write of, but I am telling you that this movement in Egypt has definitely sparked an "I MUST DO SOMETHING NOW" action in youths of other countries facing similar problems. I am with you and support the Egyptian youth whole-heartedly. The world has to go right, and it has to be NOW.

  65. I am a Korean.

    As you know, We experienced violence Democratization process in 18th/May/1980. And Finally, people won. Of course, many people died or injured. However almost Koreans never give up. So we won. Egyptian must do it like Korean resistance in order to win of Egyptian democracy. Good luck! & Never give up! I will observe your democratic resistance. And I wish the win of Egypt people!

    Candle for your victory :

  66. To the young people of Egypt:

    You are right to demand your rights, freedoms, and security. There are few situations that dictate the lack of them. But beware. What you have started, you must complete. You have put yourself into a situation that may grow beyond your control, and indeed lead to the opposite of what you seek.

    Be jubilant in your freedom, but beware of those who wish to use it against you.

    An American

  67. wish u luck and go forward ,never stop demand ur rights

    from a person who pass through a similar change 22 years ago

  68. I hope and pray the Egyptians get true freedom & a leader who is just and fair inshaAllah.

  69. I am an American woman married to an Egyptian man. I have been to your country many times and love it very much. The Egyptian people are by far the most kind and hospitable that I have ever met. Your(Egyptians)ability to have a wonderful sense of humor and pride for your country in the face of oppression has always impressed me.

    I have been watching coverage of the protests almost non-stop since it commenced. I am very emotional about what is going on, at times I am horrified by what I see, but mostly I am in awe of your resilience.

    Your voice is being heard all over the world. I support you, my children have protested here in the US for you. May you soon experience the joys of true freedom and give your children the gift of the future.

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  71. Dear Pro-Democracy Protestors

    Trust me when I say that the world has not turned its back on you. I, for one, am frantically searching for updates on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Al-Jazeera to find out what is happening on the ground and to cheer each and every one of you on every small victory that you have earned.

    Never have I seen such a outright display of will, tenacity, hope and determination from any group of people. It is truly awe-inspiring and it is my deepest hope that you will see this revolution through to its successful resolution.

    And when I say successful resolution, I mean the installation of a government that benefits the people of the nation, and not the US, Europe or the privileged few at the top. You deserve nothing less than the rights of freedom, equality, justice and democracy. So keep fighting and trust that we will be watching closely and cheering you on every step of the way.

    May each and every one of you be in God's protection.

    Love from Singapore.


    With LOVE from BELGIUM !

  73. やはり日本語にしよう、喋れないんだもの。

    私の問題意識 カジカワ キヨシ

    love system「愛情主義経済」と言ってしまえば簡単なのであるが、私の問題意識は「所得に課税して、所得が増えるのか?」という所である。前に「収入税」を考えたが「所得に課税」という分は消えず困っていた。長い間考えた末に、お互いの経費に課税する「必要経費税」と「逆人頭税」を想いついた。そこに在る真理とは何だろう?『安定した経済変動の為には景気と財政は反比例の関係が良い』だった、ミクロ経済とマクロ経済を行ったり来たりする「愛」-団体行動と個人行動の利害関係が相反せず一致すること、その大小関係は反比例である-というものだった。 今までは、「景気が良くなれば財政は豊かになり経済はよくなる」という説があたりまえだったが、「安定した経済変動」「大小関係は反比例である」という新しい説とあわせてみると、なにか臭うぞ?「景気が悪くなれば財政は貧しくなり経済は悪くなる」とも言えるのではないか?これでは「ビルトインスタビライザー」なんてものはまったくのうそっぱち「一生懸命がんばっても、景気が良くならなければ何の意味も持たない」「累進課税では、貧富の格差をつけたほうが税収は良くなる」訳である。 税率変動の際、「利益」の課税にすると政府は増税賛成、民間は減税賛成となってしまい、意見は一致しません。もし「経費」の課税にするとどうでしょう、景気のよいときは、政府も民間も「増税賛成」―だって物を安く売る人は増えて欲しくない―、景気の悪いときには、両方とも「減税賛成」―3%の儲けを払うのも大変なはず―である。
     最期に「可処分経費の廃棄は可能か?」というところです。つまり、仕事が無くなっても人は生きていけるのか?とは、長い時間の後で、今の日本みたいに「無職・アルバイター」の人々が増えても良いのか?これが私の問題意識です。 あと、付け加えるところは、法人税と所得税を合わせて「必要経費税」を創っても良いのだろうかという所だ!所得税を法的に法人経費課税とし、その代わり法人の利益には課税しない、事実上の法人税の廃止を試みてはどうだろうか?

  74. Dear Egyptian Youth

    WOW you put tears in my eyes, you gave me a solid hope for a better life. Based on what is going on in Egypt right now I would identify myself as an Arab.

    I am writing this small message, just to say THANK YOU EGYPTIAN YOUTH AND EGYPTIANS in general, you have managed to create a new whole wonderful world in no time, you should be registered in Guinness World Records for the fast vast changes that you did and you should be added to the 7 World Wonders to make them 8.

    You are not only fighting the bad regime in Egypt, you are fighting a much bigger stake in the currpted part of the world, never heard of a generation as such and i doubt that any nation did or can do what you are doing.

    May God Bless you and be with you, I assure you that we are all following up and watching your success by the minute.

    Keep up your great spirits and hope all your efforts will soon result in great achievements.

    I salute you all with all my respect.

    Long live solid Egyptians

  75. Hey True Honest Tunesian and Egyption are setting a NOBLE FREEDOM ICON to all freedom deprived nations of the ARAB world.....we as in other ARAB nations are looking forward and greatly motivated by your uprising to get rid of ALL dark corrupted regimes of the ARAB WORLD and have our freedom of mind and true people justice.
    we will sacrifice ourselves and sons so our next generations get to enjoy fearless living.
    the rest of the free world does not know how down morals our youth are and feel under the current dark corrupted regimes in the ARAB world......Long Live the honest Tunesian and Egyption people and their uprising, you are rewriting the proud and Noble ARAB history....

  76. I will try me best to support your cause, even if it means coming over there to Egypt myself to support the cause, instead of people all over the world protesting they should take the first flight or any means necessary to Tahrir square and join the cause more people in mass is important especially worldwide all or lives depend on this revolution Egypt is the middle line boundary that separates humankind kind from the Satanists Zionists, who want world dominance, failing that keep strong Egyptians cut off their money supply NO MORE AMERICAN DOLLARS DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR ECONOMY TAHITIR SQUARE WILL BECOM THE NEW MECCA WHERE EVERYONE WILL FLOCK TO ONCE THE GOVTS EVER DECIDE TO MESS AROUND AGAIN, AFTER THIS WORLD REVOLUTION IS OVER. AFRICA WAS THE BEGINNING AFRICA WILL BE THE END PEACE

  77. Just to add to my comment above urge people to come to Egypt, your people have clearly demonstrated they are not the threat but our OWN world leaders, all of us are being oppressed WORLD OVER if anyone takes this offer up, DO NOT give your money to the dictators, the Egyptians SHOULD SET UP THEIR OWN ISLAMIC/ CHRISTIAN INDEPENDANT MONETARY/BANKING SYSTEM SYSTEM SET UP RIGHT THERE IN TAHIRI SQUARE TO KEEP THE MOVEMENT GOING ....PEACE

  78. 義務・権利だけの憲法ではなく、責任・評価・信頼のある憲法へ・・・・・・!!
    Not a constitution only for duty / rights, it is ... ... to a constitution with responsibility / evaluation / the trust! !

  79. Dear Egyptian Youth

    I have read this letter just now. This letter gives me a great understanding of your situation.

    I am at your side! Egypt is going to change very soon, I believe. JUST GO!GO!GO!
    I am Praying for all people in Egypt to get FREEDOM as their human right.

    Believe in yourself. You can do it!

    With love.

  80. dear egyptian youth

    i am sending you and your country my sincere support for peace and better life for all.

    please keep going! we are right behind you!

    Narae from South Korea

  81. 愛の税金(経費課税)って在ると想いませんか?
    When there is a tax of the love (expense taxation) , do not you yearn?

    from honoo no takara mono


    Congreturation, But look carefully For Final Victory!!!

  83. 愛の税金(愛される税金、喜ばれる税金、景気の良くなる税金、大切にされる税金、愛を感じる税金、愛を表現している税金)を、ぜひ創ってください。


  84. Congratulations Egypt. You fought and won. I was truly touched and I am celebrating with you!

  85. thanx martin fortizzan , ur support , thanx for ur words
    if it is about to tell the world the truth , u r always welcome , but as an egyptian citizan i am totaly utterlay againast any interference weither feom the states or from Europe or from any other coutry
    this is strictly egyptian business
    but i really consider your support
    and wished u understant how nervous an egyptian can b when he listen to an american president's speach 15 mnt before his egyptian Homologue

    warm regards

  86. Until now, You worked with the spirit of Gandhi nonviolence ... During democratic revolution a prayer praying peace ... With best wishes of peace ... Ah ... Democratic revolution, such as glass... Fragile democratic revolution... It's part of Of military violence appeared ... We ask to you. Peace, by nonviolence as a legitimate rally, please complete success of the revolution.

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